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Festival of the Fallen Announced by Mazreth

GM Mazreth announces the Festival of the Fallen, from 4pm on Sept 7 to midnight on the 10th in Ta’Vaalor. It’s a martial-themed festival, with an arena tournament, a Royal Ball (Sunday), and more. New merchandise, nice prizes in the hopper, raffles, and auctions! Watch for teasers! Deets:

Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements

Date: 08/24/2017 10:05 PM CDT
Subj: Festival of the Fallen – Dates and Preview
Hello again everyone. The dates for Festival of the Fallen are confirmed and it will run from September 7th through September 10th. Grounds will open at 4pm Eastern on the 7th and close at midnight eastern on the 10th. For those of you who missed it last time, this is a martial themed event with gladiator pits and a tournament. GM Zoelle, GM Kynlee, and I have worked very hard to try to bring you a wide variety of services, shops, and fun. I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Arena – We will be having the arena contest again this year and more information about entering will be coming shortly. Some changes have been made to the combat based on feedback from previous runs. More details to come! The tournament will be held on Friday the 8th in Plat and the 9th in Prime.

Shops – Yep, we’ll have lots! Some you’ve seen before with all new exciting merchandise and others you haven’t!

Games – You bet we have the dagger toss and hatchet throw again, with several nice things in the unique hopper!.

Services – Raffles and auctions abound!

A royal ball – (I’m looking at you Nihrvanah). What would a bloody gore-filled festival be if without scrubbing down and dressing up when it’s all over? Ball will be held from 9 pm eastern to 11 pm eastern on Sunday in Prime. (Time for Plat’s is still pending)

Teasers – RSN!


“Mother should I trust the Government?”

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