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ESN: Imprint!

GM Konacon brings you the 8th Day of ESN when our Empaths can IMPRINT patients and heal from afar! Yes – this just happened!

Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements

Date: 11/27/2017 02:09 PM CST
Subj: ESN: Imprint!
On the eighth day of ESN, empaths learned how to IMPRINT their patients with a portion of their presence to allow them to aid them from afar… Empaths can attempt to IMPRINT anyone that isn’t an empath once per hour, and using it on a player that you have a healing effect shared with will automatically end the effect.

So what does it do? I’ll get to the list of rules in a second, but the effect it grants is: When a player is imprinted, the empath can TRANSFER wounds or scars (no blood) off of them from anywhere in the same realm (Mental Lore, Transference unlocks adjacent realm at 35 ranks, near-adjacent at 70 ranks, and far realm at 105 ranks). Note that this will not work in areas where magic doesn’t work or areas that the player couldn’t be magically located. It will also not worked if the player has been in combat of some sort in the last 20 seconds (Note: This will be called “in combat” or “out of combat” for the rest of this post).

More information:
— Transferring a wound through an imprint costs 10/15/20 stamina per wound rank. If the empath goes into negative stamina while doing this, they will suffer serious physical injuries.
— Imprinting costs 2 spirit if it is successful or if it is used on a player that an empath doesn’t have the healing effect on. A failure with the healing effect has no cost.
— A successful imprint lasts for 30 minutes + (3 seconds per skill bonus in Spiritual Lore, Blessings) and has 3 charges plus extra depending on the success of a healing skill check roll.
— A player can only be imprinted by one empath at any time. They have the option to remove an imprint via “IMPRINT STOP”.
— An empath can have up to (1 + (Mental Lore Transference Ranks / 40)) players imprinted at any time. They can also remove imprints via “IMPRINT STOP”.
— When a player comes out of combat with notable injuries, an empath that they are imprinted by will be notified that they need assistance.
— Empaths can use “IMPRINT CHECK” to see the health status of all of their imprintees at any time as long as they can be transferred from.
— Players can use “IMPRINT CALL” when they are injured to notify the last 20 empaths that have imprinted or attempted to imprint them that they need assistance.

The roll for attempting to IMPRINT another player is affected by the following areas of training:
– Spell Research up to 1x in EACH circle. Overtraining in the empath spell circle does NOT help. Optimal training for imprinting on a level 100 character would be 101/101/101.
– Lores (Mental Lore: Transformation, Mental Lore: Transference, Spiritual Lore: Blessings)
– Physical Fitness and First Aid.

I’m sure people have LOTS of questions, so feel free to ask!

~ Konacon

This message was originally posted in Empaths, Developer’s Corner – Empaths. To discuss the above, follow the link below.


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