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Elysani’s Ebon Gate Shops Sales Report

GM Elysani shares Ebon Gate Sales from her 3 shops, too:

Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: Ebon Gate Festival

Date: 11/03/2017 05:32 PM CDT
Subj: My Shop Totals!
The Subtle Rose:
285 items for a total of 3,530,084
Most popular item: a tiny cloudy glass vial (131)
Least popular item(s): a rectangular blush cloisonne locket (2), a copper-netted labradorite necklace (2), and a thin-rayed gold sunburst necklace (2)

A Head Above Water:
650 items for a total of 24,454,431
Most popular item: a pallid silver-toned moonstone (64) followed by a headband of filigree-wrought pearlescent vaalin (63)
Least popular item: an olive oilskin capotain covered in dried kelp (3)

Whimsical Wares:
298 items for a total of 7,956,910
Most popular item: a side-buttoned charcoal suede jacket (28)
Least popular item: a chartreuse brocaded silk jacket (0)

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