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Ebon Gate Recall for Wizard Talismans

So, about those Wizard Talismans sold at Professional Courtesy – you were not crazy, GM Xayle says, they’re not working. ASSIST for a referral to get them fixed.

Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements

Date: 10/30/2017 08:19 AM CDT
Subj: Off The Shelf EG Wizard Talismans

I need to inform all the wizards that purchased any of these from Professional Courtesy that you are, in fact, NOT crazy. They’re not working.

Haliste took pity on us all (because I was starting to pull my hair out) and helped me figure out why.

So! If you would kindly ASSIST and ask for a referral to have these fixed, that’d be super spiffy. Meanwhile, I’ll also start trying to catch up with you in game to fix them.

I apologize for all the agony!

~ X.

“Xayle is my spirit animal.” ~ Aiska

This message was originally posted in Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins, Ebon Gate Festival. To discuss the above, follow the link below.


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