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Earthen Fury Released

Earthen Fury (spell 917 for wizards) is here! It used to be Boil Earth, but it’s better now because SMRv2 is here. (Standard Maneuver Rolls? is my best guess, who thinks of these initalisms!?) Konacon posted all the details for everyone who wants to know more!

Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements

Date: 12/20/2016 11:02 PM CST
Subj: Earthen Fury (917) Released!
Hi everybody!

As everyone saw this past weekend, the new SMR (SMRv2?) has gone live! A few lucky people have gotten to play around with it for a few days, and now it’s your turn (If you’re a wizard… Or maybe hated by tree spirits?)! Let me just get my shenanigans out of the way. I promise there’s going to be a MECHANICS section down there somewhere. So if you want to roast me for shenanigans, I’m gonna tell you “HEY. I didn’t ASK you to read this. There’s a mechanics section down there!”

Boil Earth (917) has been updated and renamed to Earthen Fury! It’s like 6 spells in one! And because you know I love me some water lore, there’s even an icy option! Exclamation points!!!!1!

Excited yet? Good. Because it’s time for you wizards to show that the time to take back the SMR is now! Too long have the critters kept this lovely killing machine all to themselves. Today…

Today is your day.


Earthen Fury (917) uses SMRv2 to determine it’s chance to hit, with Wizard Circle spell ranks determining the wizard’s attack prowess. The spell is designed around being at least 1x trained in the Wizard circle, so less training than that will result in reduced effectiveness (Though it is still very useable depending on circumstances). When the spell is cast, a damage cycle occurs, with more damage cycles occuring every 2 seconds for the next 10 seconds (A total of 6 cycles). When a cycle successfully hits, it will target the legs of the target IF the target can be knocked down and isn’t currently knocked over. If the target can’t be knocked or is already lying down, it will instead choose any body part.

The spell has two options, cold and fire. These can be used when casting by typing CAST (cold or fire) <target> or INCANT 917 (cold or fire). Fire 917 will do impact and heat criticals, and cold 917 will do puncture and cold criticals.

More details on the SMR are coming very soon, but it is important for this update that Earthen Fury is significantly more effective against targets that are not standing as well as against targets that are stunned.

Earth Lore is effective for both the fire and cold versions of this spell. It works on cycles 2-6 of this spell (NOT the first), and adds (Earth Lore Ranks / 202)% of the bonus for the target being stunned if the target is not stunned, and the same percentage of the bonus for the target being knocked down if the target is not knocked down. This means that Earth Lore is very effective when the first cycle misses, or against targets that can’t be stunned or knocked down.

Fire Lore and Water Lore both work the same way, but only affect their respective versions of the spell. When a cycle successfully hits, these lores grant a (Ranks / 5)% chance for a second, more powerful crit immediately.

Let me know if you have questions, comments, concerns, etc. I’m excited to hear what everyone thinks and how they use it!

~ Konacon

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