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Development GameMaster Hiring 2018

GM Coase goes over what it means to be a Development GM for GemStone, because – they’re looking for more – and I think you’ll be surprised at the requirements! Go get your app in, what are you waiting for??

Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements

Date: 08/14/2018 07:21 PM CDT
Subj: Development GameMaster Hiring 2018
Hey folks,

As mentioned at Simucon, we’re looking to hire some potential GameMasters for the Development team. As a member of the Technical Systems Development team, you will contribute to some of the core systems of GemStone. Some of these systems include: professions, combat, creatures, and societies. You will be expected to contribute via designing and implementing updates to these systems.

After basic GM training, we will get you up to speed on coding in GSL (our proprietary scripting language), allowing you to begin creating with the guidance of an experienced GM. Although referral shifts are not required for this team, you may on occasion be consulted to investigate code-related issues. You are expected to have a strong interest in, and/or understanding of, the underlying mechanics of the game. We do not expect you to be an expert on all areas of the game (no one is), but you should be able to demonstrate strong mechanical knowledge of some aspect of the game (perhaps of your favored profession), as well as being willing and able to learn new game mechanics when needed.

We do not require that you have professional coding experience prior to being hired. Having prior coding or programming experience is an asset, but the most important strength to demonstrate in your application is a strong grasp of game design principles, alongside the enthusiasm to learn and having the free time available to do so.

What is required of a GameMaster?

GMs are assigned specific projects related to their team and expected to complete those assignments within a given timeframe. Additionally, GMs for the above teams spend time onduty to answer assists and referrals. A standard benchmark we use for hourly expectations to be a GameMaster is 30 to 60 hours a month. While most active GMs put in well above that, it is unusual for a GM to complete their assigned projects in fewer hours. Aside from regularly scheduled meetings, when you put this time in each week is largely flexible. GMs are able to work on other side projects as their ability and time allows.

What do we look for in potential GameMaster?

Actively playing (generally, six months of recent playing is considered a minimum), account in good standing, comfortable talking about basic technical aspects of GS and gameplay, ability to consistently commit to completing assigned duties, a willingness to attempt learning new skills/systems, and ability to work both alone and as part of a larger team. Customer service experience in any field is also helpful. Note that these are the broad strokes of the qualities that we look for, but there is no cookie-cutter mold — if you don’t quite fit into the above but think you can contribute as a GameMaster, use the application to explain why.

I have a warning on my account. Does that mean my account is not in good standing?

This depends on the type of warning, how egregious it was, and how recent it is. Your one vulgarity warning from six years ago is unlikely to render your application invalid.

What sort of compensation is there for GameMasters?

GMs earn from a shares pool that is directly tied to GemStone’s monthly earnings. Years ago, you may have heard compensation related to “beer and pizza money,” but GameMasters earn monetary compensation based on the projects they complete each month that can result in a few hundred dollars a month for the more productive staff members. Working additional projects can also earn extra money. All GameMasters are compensated with a free account with Platinum access. GMs can also earn a number of in-game incentives.

I’m interested. How do I apply?

If you are interested in becoming a GameMaster: Go to and click on the “Join the Team” link under the GameMasters section. Once you do that, there are three parts to the application: (1) Personal Info; (2) Application (“GameMaster Application”); (3) Development GM “Test”. You must fill out all three parts in order to be considered. In many cases, the application and test is all that we know of your skill and creativity level, so it is in your best interest to give comprehensive answers where applicable.

We will only review applications updated in the past 6 months. If you already have an older application submitted but have no changes to make, simply go to the “Update Application” tab in the application area, scroll to the bottom, and cick “Submit” in order to update your application’s timestamp.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

This message was originally posted in Discussions with Simutronics, Help Wanted: GemStone Staff Teams. To discuss the above, follow the link below.


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