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Candidates for the Landing’s Interim Steward of the Militia to Debate

There’s going to be a public debate between the candidates for the appointment to the Interim Steward of the Militia in Wehnimer’s Landing on Friday at #KST. It will be in Moot Hall and you’re invited to watch from the Observation Deck.

Category: Towns
Topic: Wehnimer’s Landing

Date: 05/29/2018 05:58 PM CDT
Subj: Debate for Interim Steward of the Militia
This Friday night (KST) I will be holding a one-night debate for the Interim Steward of the Militia, a town council position.

It’ll be in Moot Hall as usual, with people welcome to the observation deck to sign up for questions.

-GM Kenstrom-
Waylayer of Wehnimer’s Landing
Human Guru

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