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Bubble Flares Now Show in Spell Active Window

From Mayhem Master Wyrom – Bubble Flares and Banshee flares have been updated to go into your spell active window. Bubble flares’ actual name is Stalwart Resilience. Banshee flares’ official name is Banshee’s Ward.

Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: Items and Inventory

Date: 05/14/2018 03:28 PM CDT
Subj: Bubble and Banshee Flares
Bubble Flares (Stalwart Resilience) and Banshee Flare (Banshee’s Ward) now show up in spell active. The names within the parenthesis are their actual name.

Wyrom, PM

Date: 06/23/2018 07:47 PM CDT
Subj: Re: Bubble and Banshee Flares
Any chance on getting the same treatment on ethereal armor?


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