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Blink Weapons and Blinkers – Jeweled Eyes – Get Update

Big Boss Wyrom announces an update to Blink Weapons and Blinker Jeweled Eyes items to show off the eye when you POKE, TURN, and TOUCH it – both to you and to those around you. Some forced actions, he reports, were removed, so you can decide your own interactions. More details at the officials:

Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements

Date: 08/01/2018 03:54 PM CDT
Subj: Blink Weapons and Blinkers
Both blink weapons and blinkers (jeweled eyes) have been updated to show off the eye when you POKE, TOUCH, and TURN it to both 1st and 3rd person messaging. Some forced actions have also been removed which made you frown or break a fingernail. You can now determine your character’s reaction instead of the item doing it for you. It will also make a check to see if it’s a room or an area instead of always saying room. Blinkers have been given a detection message when casting Elemental Detection (405).

Post here if there are any issues that you notice.

Wyrom, PM

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