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Balley’s Visions: The Silver-Haired Woman and Naimorai May 4 Recap Plus A Flashback

Friday night in the Landing, Visions, Scrying, Naimorai, Peter who is now Pylasar, and a red glow on the horizon… Miss Leafi has it all for you at the Officials, with a flashback from Keeping Up With The Kestrels!

Category: Towns
Topic: Wehnimer’s Landing

Date: 05/05/2018 06:24 PM CDT
Subj: Balley's Visions: The Silver-Haired Woman and Naimorai (May 4th story recap, PLUS mega bonus)

* Outside Moot Hall, Balley reports seeing visions of a figure in a grey robe standing before her in the area, though nobody else can see the figure. Stormyrain at first speculates that Jastev is speaking to her, but after Balley adds that the figure has silver hair and sanguine runes on her hand, and is speaking to her in her native tongue of sylvan, others think that it might be Stormy herself; Ysharra also brings up Gosaena, who wears grey robes and has silver hair as well.

* After that vision fades, Balley borrows Stormy’s scrying bowl and sees a vision of Naimorai trapped in the past, where she appears to be hiding from Chastonian soldiers. Another vision shows her encountering a man named Peter, presumed to later become Pylasar, and asking for his help while looking toward a fiery red glow from a a tower on the horizon, presumed to be emitted by the Talon of Toullaire.

The full log can be found here:

Clickable links at the wiki for further context:
Moot Hall, Balley*, Jastev, sylvan(kind), Ysharra*, Gosaena, Naimorai, Chastonia, Pylasar, Toullaire…
…and a link to when we saw Naimorai get trapped in the past, which means I’ve put something else on the wiki:

The full log of the conclusion of Keeping Up with the Kestrels can be found here:

Clickable links at that page for further context:
Wehnimer’s Landing, Dennet, Sir Thadston, mein golem, Kingdom of Hendor, Rodnay, Hall of Mages, crystal amulet, militiaman, Toullaire, Dragonsclaw forest, Reannah, Quinshon, plinite, Ysharra*, Naimorai, Maelshyve, Undead War, elf, giantman, Despana, Wizardwaste, Kezmon Isle, Stephos DeArchon, Osment, Rooks, Leafiara*, Irar*, Cyph, Koar, Sea of Fire, Raznel, Cruxophim*

* = player character

Date: 05/05/2018 11:33 PM CDT
Subj: Re: Balley's Visions: The Silver-Haired Woman and Naimorai (May 4th story recap, PLUS mega bonus)
The figure was unambiguously a representation based on Stormyrain, and similar to her own prior Jastev visions. I think Jastev was signifying he is the one sending the vision. Stormy is “average height” rather than “tall” and wears black with metal armor rather than “sinuous grey robes.” The confusion enters into it because it looks like it is a dream symbolic thing of a hooded blood mage seer shifting into the past image of another more evil hooded blood mage of knowing the future. And her future self wears grey robes.

I think the parallel to Gosaena’s preferred manifestation is likely coincidental. Stormy and Gosaena both have silver hair, and Gosaena and Jastev both use grey. Gosaena is profoundly indifferent, in the sense of warning of death and danger, and would not have been speaking. If it was her I would think it implies something catastrophic. This was basically just taking the Kestrel epilogue scene and making it IC known. Later speculation was on it not being a coincidence she was next to the Talon at both time points.

– Xorus’ player

(Raelee looks slightly more animated than usual as her conversation about geometry with Xorus continues.)


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