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Armored casting Updated Armor Blessing Released

GM Cyraex has another Paladin update – or TWO! Armored Casting just got better, see: and Armor Blessing was just released!

Category: Hunting and Combat
Topic: Announcements

Date: 01/14/2017 12:48 PM CST
Subj: Armor Blessing Released!
Hello Again!

I have just released a new Armor Specialization called Armor Blessing, which is available to the Paladin class. Here are the details on how it works, please let me know if you have any questions!

Armor Blessing – The wearer’s armor retains some of the magical energy lost when an offensive spell fails due to armor hindrance. Upon the next successful cast (within 30 seconds) of the same offensive spell, the caster is granted an AS or CS bonus based on the formula below.

(3 * Armor Group * Armor Blessing Rank) = AS Bonus CS Bonus = (AS Bonus * (3/5))


GameMaster Cyraex

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