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04/5118 memorial service April 5118 North Gate

Evician brought the sad news that the player of Raorke and Arowvyn passed away on Sunday. A memorial service for him will be hosted by House Daingneach Onoir on Saturday, April 14 at 10pm. Please gather outside the North Gate prior to that time to travel in a group. We will proceed to Halcyon Hills to praise and say our goodbyes to them.

Category: Socializing
Topic: Farewells and Returns

Date: 04/09/2018 03:31 PM CDT
Subj: It is with a heavy heart.
I was asked to inform everyone that the player of Raorke and Arowvyn passed away yesterday. Please keep his family, friends and loved ones in your hearts and minds during this tragic loss.


Date: 04/13/2018 08:01 AM CDT
From: SLINKY-1
Subj: Re: It is with a heavy heart.
🙁 He was also Dyvon, and his real name was Jim.
He was a great, kind soul and loved by many. He will be missed.

Marie – player of Aryleste, Skork et al.


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