Guild Night, Wednesday, September 28, 2022 in GemStone IV

Events Today Sunday, September 25, 2022 in GemStone IV

SUNDAY in Elanthia:

  • 10am: Tinker Quarla’s GALD and custom Tattoos (Premium)-FWI (more info)
  • Noon: Brunch and Game-RR
  • 1pm: Rumplesnoots Adventuring Company Bug Collecting-IMT (more info)
  • At the Faendryl Symposium today-WL: (more info)
    • 2pm: Perfumery
    • 3pm: Faendryl Food
    • 4pm: Faendryl Spice Trade
    • 7pm: The Nature of Undeath by Xorus
  • 9pm: Dame Wanton and Sir Marx Memorial Tournament-WL (more info)
  • 9pm: Cobbling Seminar-SILVERWOOD MANOR (more info)
  • 10pm: Town Defense Training 101-WL (more info)