Huske, the dwarven archivist, met with a crowd that had been summoned to Zul Logoth by the strange, alien presence that had been invading the minds of aelotoi across Elanith. Growing in power, the presence had begun broadening its reach into other humanoids’ thoughts. They were met by a trio of aelotoi: Alyeano, Mertus, and the mage Zathrigaust. At the urging of the crowd, Huske led a group down into the Czeroth Subterane, the source of an immense kiramon invasion.
Zathrigaust offered a hypothesis: he believed that the kiramon had been awakened from their relative dormancy by a stray signal from the hivemind, carried on starlight, and that they were now instinctively reaching back out to reconnect by any means necessary. He exhorted the crowd to interfere and try to cut the kiramon off from whatever they were trying to use to reconnect.
After a pitched fight, the group delved down into the hive and were confronted with a massive crystal imbued with astral energy. Zathrigaust realized there was no way to destroy or move the crystal, so he instead chose to use it to enter the astral plane and restrain its powers for as long as he could, asking the gathered adventurers to do what they could to fight the kiramon and discover a longer-term solution in the time he could buy them.

OOC Information:

The Hive is Live!  This new ascension hunting ground includes:

kiramon myrmidon

hive thralls

kresh ravagers

kiramon stalkers

kiramon strandweavers

kiramon shardminds

kiramon overminds

Creature Coding: Auchand

Creature Design: Oscuro

Area Concept: Netz

Area Painting: Gyres, Auchand, Netz

New Gemstones: Galene

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