Two more additions! An 8x firewheel walking staff (quarterstaff) with tier 3 GoryWeapons. An 8x, +5 mana flaring lor walking stick (runestaff) with tier 3 GoryWeapons They both are in a sheath so they won’t generate in the hands of a creature. There may be some potent feras in there too! These are not Legendary feeder items, so anyone can find one at any level!

Going forward, all GameMaster-made feeder items (not to be confused with the randomly generated items that the treasure system can make) will come MARKed. The GM making the item can select a permanent MARK which cannot be removed or a temporary one like you can do via the MARK verb. If it is temporary, you can MARK [item] REMOVE to sell the item. This is not a retroactive update, so it will not impact any items that were already loaded into the feeders prior to 5am ET on 12/15/2023.


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