Duskruin opens tomorrow night, August 11, 2023 at 9pm EDT.

The Shop List has been made available HERE.

Duskruin Mania is being replaced.  Read about it HERE.

As a heads up, the SimuCoin Store will have Duskruin booklets on sale from August 11th at 6pm ET until August 30th at 11:55pm ET. However, the event will stretch into September for shopping, smithy, and using existing booklets that are out there. We’ll be putting FIXSKILL, FIXSTAT, FIXCMAN, encumbrance items, and enhancive rechargers for sale during the same time booklets are on sale.

The GIFTBOX will start on August 18th for the duration of the event.

EVENT BOX will have the following schedule: – August 17th – August 24th – August 31st

The last day to claim will be September 3rd by 1am ET.

Bag of Holding Items: Items to complete a bag of holding will be on sale this run.

Item Service Limit: As a trial, the item service limit will be increased from 2 to 5 for this run.

Spin Night is Cancelled!  All spin night items have been moved unlimitedly to HESS.

HESS offering list is HERE.  Given the above announcement, you can expect those items listed under Spin Night to be in HESS.

Looking for teasers on new items and offerings at Duskruin?  Visit our SAVED POSTS page on the wiki!


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