In droves and swarms, dragonflies, darters, and damselflies return to the meadows, forests, and fields that surround Cysaegir to bask in the warm summer sun. Merchants follow the fickle friends and return once more to the verdant city in celebration of all things Aelotoi and Dragonfly at the Dragonfly Festival.

Starting on the Day of the Huntress at 9pm, shops and merchants will open in the ambling streets of Cysaegir to sell their wares. There will be several raffles, some specifically centered on Aelotoi and for them, throughout the weekend. Those raffles include: 3 Aelotoi Specific Signature Verbs, two fully unlocked WingSong Collection Ensembles, a Fully Customized Veola, an Enhancive Wing Jewelry, and a few other surprises.


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