New allies to the small town of Icemule Trace, the Giants of the North have come down to the town with news of dark tidings.  One of their seers sees shadows and darkness for one of Icemule Trace’s trade partners.

A local refugee also speaks of portends as well.  Utilizing haruspex, the half-krolvin woman divined dark tidings for the place that resides within the stone.

Both seers foresaw an ancient anger being leveled on the western mountain.  They speak of storms coming down into the mountain and sickness bubbling up.

As if these obscure and strange prophecies were not enough to concern all, it is rumored that aelotoi have been suffering from strange, temporary afflictions.  Some have fainted, others have stood stock still in a trance, but all report the same thing.  Some existential dread is coming.

All signs point to Zul Logoth.  What could they mean?  And why does the number sixteen loom large in the minds of all.


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