This year at Rumor Woods, you’ll be able to assemble a little mech spinner. You will need to get the exoskeleton from the TOURNEY VAULT that is being sold in the SimuCoin Store. These are character attuned.

They require 10 additional parts to complete. Instead of getting something random in the event by running it, there will be a pile of scrap metal you can SEARCH for raikhen to find everything you need to finish it. Given Rumor Woods has a bit more item management from the item drops, I felt it was a better option to let you choose if you want to participate in this versus being forced to deal with stuff from prize packages. There will be rarity levels, sort of like the create-a-golem parts.

On the exoskeleton, you will ADD {part} TO {exoskeleton} to attach a piece you find. You will need a body, gears, a beetle head, beetle antennae, beetle wings, beetle legs, spider head, spider eyes, spider spinneret, and spider legs. You are building both at the same time and can pick and choose parts. The body and gears will be for both the beetle and spider. If you’ve already added a piece and wish to replace it, you can, but you will lose the old piece.

Once you add all ten parts, it will be complete. You can PRESS it to transform it from exoskeleton, beetle, and spider, you choose! Each has some slightly different flavor. You can WEAR it at this point or simply bring it out when you wish to use it. It has some verb traps to play around with, otherwise, it is a spinner! The spinner will store up to 100 names until it needs to be reset. You can reset at any point. It uses some more basic random choosing than a merchant spinner, but it is relatively the same. You must SPIN each time to choose someone. It will store names by default, but you can reset between spins if you want it to be able to select the same person twice.

If you don’t want to participate in this, you can BREAK the exoskeleton for a violet exp orb. Be warned, there is no replacement and you will not be able to complete your mech spinner. You only get one chance to build this. The violet exp orb will be account-attuned so you can hand those off to other characters on your account.

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