We will continue to use the CLAIM system for both a GIFT and EVENT option. Both options won’t be available until April 23rd in the late afternoon. Rumor Woods will only have a single CLAIM period for the duration of the event, with a twist. Details on CLAIM will be released the day they go live.


The BattleVault system has been extended to Rumor Woods. Some key updates have gone into the item you receive to help better explain what’s in them and when they expire. I will paste a sample ANALYZE below this initial post so you can see the updates. Nothing has changed with the vault in this sense, it’s just communicated a bit better in ANALYZE.

They are still 6,500 SimuCoins and will contain two 25-count markers, 90-use death’s sting salve, and two special items.

The first special item is a metal exoskeleton. Like the golem chassis from Duskruin, you will find parts running the event to build an odd trinket. You may only participate in building this at the 2024 Rumor Woods. You will be building a beetle and a spider that you can use the SPIN command to select a random person around you, like the merchants of Elanthia. More details on this process will be in a separate thread.

The second special item is a patent of nobility that will award +50% base experience for 30 days! An update went into these from last time so you can REDEEM them outside of the event. They now display the expiration date, which is tied to the purchase date of your TOURNEY VAULT. This is how this item will work going forward at all events that offer an item bundle with BattleVaults.


The NPC returns, the timer reduced to 10 minutes from 30 minutes like last Duskruin. Exp will still be field exp, as the update to the NPC for instance exp won’t be until August. You run the risk of losing a lot of experience if you die, so use this frequently at your own peril.

ANALYZE updates to the vaults.

This is a special item bundle for Rumor Woods. You can REDEEM it to get the following items:

  • Two 25-entry markers (SimuCoin Store Event Entries)
  • 90-use death’s sting salve (SimuCoin Store Utility Items)
  • a hollow metal exoskeleton (Special Item)
  • a patent of nobility (Special Item)

The exoskeleton and patent will be character attuned to the character that REDEEMs this tourney vault.

The special items expire after the run they were purchased at. This tourney vault has a purchase date of Fri Apr 19 14:07:16 ET 2024. You may only redeem one per run while the event is active.


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