A gnome barely concealed by a shambling zombie costume wanders in…

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. If that’s true, then we have created an item that could make even the most stalwart Vaalorian soldier blush.

New for this year’s run of Rumor Woods is the second Flourish to be offered to players: Least Moods! Like Lesser Moods, this flourish can be attached to any weapon, shield, armor, or armor accessory to add ambient messaging based on the item’s flare or other abilities. However, since it is a flourish, it does not consume the script or subscript slot, leaving room for more murderous mayhem. It also does not require a GM to apply it – simply redeem the certificate and you’re all set!

These certificates will be available in the Starry Lotus’ Sunstruck room for 2,500 raikhen when the event launches on Friday!

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