Contribute jokes for a new routine for the jester at the Viridian Coil in Bloodriven Village! 
**Rules of the Contest***

Using the contest form, provide your jokes. Jokes can be one liners or multi-line routines. We are looking for at least 5 lines; this can be 5 jokes, one joke with 5 parts, or multiple jokes of varied length.

* Who Qualifies to Participate: Paid Account Holders

* Application Period: March 18 – 31

* Fill out the Contest Form found here: Virdian Coil Contest Form

* Only one entry per account may be submitted. 

All entrants will receive a small, fluff trinket in the mail to the character submitting the entry as a participation prize.

First Place Winners can pick two items from the list below, second place winners can pick one item from the list below:

* An experience modifying RPA (roleplaying award – account attuned).

* 250,000 silvers.

* Either two feature alterations OR a full unique field alteration (NO BODY ALTERATIONS – Nothing below the neck).

* A custom tattoo.

* Two separate alteration services (or a long and a show on a single item).

* An alteration book with 10 order slips.

Wiki Announcement: Open Mic at the Viridian Coil


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