This year at Duskruin, you’ll be able to build a golem if you participate in both the February/March and August runs. In the BATTLE VAULT, you will receive a chassis in the February/March run which is the foundation of your golem, without it, you cannot build one. These are character attuned. At Duskruin, you will come across golem pieces either in the arena by facing a clockwork golem or randomly searching in the sewers. There are 5 types of pieces you can find, arms, legs, plates, gears, and heads.

On the chassis you will ADD {part} TO {chassis} to attach a piece you find. You will need 2 arms and 2 legs. FLIP the chassis to select which side you are adding arms and legs. If you’ve already added a piece and wish to replace it, you can, but you will lose the old piece. There are over 10 of each piece currently with plans to continue to add more.

During the February/March run, you cannot finish the golem, as you will need the next BATTLE VAULT in August, which will be a motor/engine of sorts. So for now, you’ll have just a incomplete chassis with anything you attach to it this run. You will be able to attach pieces next run if you don’t find everything or maybe something new comes along that you like. After the golem is complete, you can still swap out parts.

The only verbs it will have for now are ADD, LOOK, and FLIP. I may add some more after we get everything released to have it do something between now until August, but no promises.

If you don’t want to participate in this, you can BREAK the chassis for a violet exp orb. Be warned, there is no replacement and you will not be able to complete your golem. You only get one chance to build a golem. The violet exp orb will be account attuned so you can hand those off to other characters on your account.


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